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INVICTA are City & Guild's Assured Professional Softwash Technicians, and can provide you with a safe & professional Roof Cleaning service for your home.
We are well trained & highly experienced in cleaning roofs safely and professionally, using both the hand scrape & steam clean methods. 

There are two ways in which we clean roofs:

Option 1: Hand Scrape:

The hand scrape option involves scraping off the Biofilms from your roof, such as Moss, Algae & Lichen. We do this using a manual tool which allows us to scrape the roof with pre-cut blades, that are shaped to match your specific roof tile. There is no water used during this process. The roof will be much improved once the surface has been scraped, but the surface will still look weathered at this point.

After this process has been completed, we will then apply a Biocide Treatment to the roof - to kill the Biofilms and to clean the surface over time.


Option 2: Steam Clean:

The steam clean involves using a low pressure machine that focuses on delivering high temperature water at very low pressure to steam clean the dirt & biofilms from the roof safely, without damaging the integrity of the roof tiles or slates. This method will provide an instant transformation to the appearance of your roof, and the results are generally excellent.

We use industry leading steam cleaning equipment, and the safest of procedures to carry out our roof cleaning jobs.

We NEVER use high pressure cleaning systems on any roof, we only use low pressure steam cleaning systems which are safe to use.

After this process has been completed, we will then apply a Biocide Treatment to the roof.


Biocide Treatment:

A Biocide Treatment is used post-clean, to kill the Biofilm spores at source, which prevents immediate regrowth of Moss, Algae & Lichen. Scraping the roof & steam cleaning the roof does not kill the Biofilms, the spores are still present on the surface and must be killed at source once the roof has been cleaned. using your chosen method.

Once the Biocide Treatment has been carried out, there will be a growth free period of 12-36 months depending on environment, and in some cases - it can last much longer. 

We are City & Guild's Assured Professional Softwash Technicians, we have the relevant training to ensure that the chemical application is carried out safely and in line with HSE regulations. 

We are comprehensively insured for roof cleaning and to apply Biocide Treatments to our customers roofs. 


Preventative Maintenance:

By applying a maintenance application of Biocide onto your roof, we can prevent the roof from ever needing cleaned again. Providing we maintain the Biocide Treatments at scheduled intervals in the future, we will ensure that your roof never gets dirty again. The cost savings are substantial as you no longer have to pay to have the roof cleaned before the treatment is carried out, and the upside to this is your roof will look fantastic forever. Please ask us about a Biocide Treatment Maintenance Plan once your roof has been cleaned & treated, we will be happy to arrange this for you. 


Roof Access:
Access to the roof space is gained by using our own cherry pickers, so that we can carry this work out safely. There is no safer way to clean a roof than by using a cherry picker.
If access prevents us from using our cherry pickers, we will then look at secondary options such as mobile scaffolding towers or using ladders.
All INVICTA roof cleaning work is 100% guaranteed, and we are comprehensively insured to carry out this service on your property.
Please get in touch if you’d like us to provide you with a free roof cleaning quotation, or to have a discussion about your roof cleaning options.
CALL US NOW: 01382 214486 or fill out an enquiry form on this site to arrange a free quotation.

City & Guilds Assured

We are City & Guilds Assured Softwash Technicians, and have the training & experience to clean your roof carefully, and to apply the Biocide Treatment in a safe and HSE compliant manner as per our training. 

We are CHAS & Achilles accredited also, which ensures that your roof cleaning work will be carried out using strict Health & Safety measures.

We are the professionals choice for your roof cleaning.

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