RESIDENTIAL WINDOW CLEANING: We carry out window cleaning for all residential homes ranging from small cottages to large mansion houses.


COMMERCIAL WINDOW CLEANING: We carry out window cleaning for all commercial properties ranging from small offices to large business centres and hotels.


INDUSTRIAL WINDOW CLEANING: We carry out window cleaning for industrial properties of any kind, up to and including large factories.


HIGH-REACH WINDOW CLEANING: We carry out high-reach window cleaning with the ability to clean windows and frames up the 5th floor from the ground. 


INTERNAL WINDOW CLEANING: We clean interior windows as well as exterior windows.



Master Guild of Window Cleaners

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Contact Details


Dundee:  01382 214486

Perth:      01738 230014

Pitlochry: 01796 510185

  Monday - Saturday:  09:00am - 5.00pm
Sunday: Closed


INVICTA are the best window cleaning firm I have experienced in 10 years managing buildings.
Competitively priced but worth their weight in gold, absolutely excellent standard of finish, beyond what I thought was possible in terms of "cleaned" from 7-10 other supposedly professional commercial window cleaning firms I have used serving Tayside. Professional and always on time, also flexible dependant on business needs with no price fluctuation.
Matthew and Pete always excellent and will even return to a job without additional charges if they are not happy with the finish, Matthew always his own most severe critic for standards, way beyond my expectations for large scale glass standard of finish...
If you pay someone else to clean your windows, you are wasting your money.
Maintenance Dept.
Holiday Inn Express Dundee